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Borehole Pumps

TQ Electrical offer an extensive range of Ebara borehole pumps quality designed Stainless Steel built to extract a water supply from a well. Directly submerged down into the well where water is drawn up from the depths of the well to ground level. The water is then pumped directly through the distribution pipe network for use at its required destination.

Waste water pumps

Waste Water includes dirty water from sinks, showers and washing machines, along with toilet waste.  TQ Electrical Engineering Services provide a wide range of Ebara water pumps designed specifically for waste water handling and treatment.  These include submersible effluent pumps, submersible and portable wastewater and drainage pumps as well as pumps for pumping grey wastewater and toilet waste to your septic tank system or main sewage line.

Booster Pumps

Ebara Booster Pumps are designed to boost water pressure and are used for a variety of applications. TQ Electrical Engineering Services supplies an extensive range of booster pumps to all sectors of the market. The most common of these is the TQ Series for Domestic hot and cold water whole house pressure boosting.

Surface Pumps

A surface pump is a water pump that is mounted at the surface or ground level.  Surface pumps are used to draw water or waste water from a well or sump.

Pump accessories & spares

We carry a full range of spare parts for all leading makes of pumps and provide a full repair service in our customised workshop. We also carry a large range of accessories including:

  • Pressure Vessels & Tanks

  • Water Pipe Fittings for MDPE and Hydrodare

  • Valves

  • Controllers

Water Treatment Systems & Accessories

Water Softeners

Much of the supply is high in calcium and magnesium resulting in what is commonly known as hardness in water. The ultimate treatment for this is a water softener. At TQEES we supply high quality water systems with Clack and WaterBoss being our main systems providers. All appliances vary and a water sample is best practice before a solution can be arranged. Here at TQEES are happy to arrange a sample and therefore provide the customised system you require. Call our office 0504-34100 for more information or to arrange a site visit.

We also provide systems for:

  • Iron Removal
  • Manganese Removal
  • PH Stabilisation
  • Sulphur Removal

Uv's System

How UV Treatment Works – The water supply to your property is passed through an initial filter system to remove any particles, before entering the UV Sterilising Filter. The Ultraviolet light is lethal to all bacteria and micro-organisms and once the water is passed through this UV chamber, the UV light destroys all impurities present. Installation of this water treatment system is simple and is generally carried out in the space under the Kitchen/Utility sink.


Water supplies may contain a certain amount of suspended solid particles such as sand and sediment. These particles can be unsightly and cause discolouration and/or odour problems with the water supply. In addition, they may cause damage and corrosion to water systems, taps, appliances, etc. A filtration system is required to gather and remove these particles before the water supply reaches your property. Our filter systems differ in material and performances, depending on the severity of the issue and the volume of water to be treated. When a filter is installed, a recurrent cleaning operation is necessary. Self-cleaning filter systems are also available as an option the automatic model ensures a periodic self-cleaning of the filter cartridge thus maintaining the optimum filtering capacity at all times.

Water Analysis

At TQ Electrical we will facilitate an independent chemical and microbiological water test which will identify any issues of concern with your water supply, our team can then advise you with regard to the best system to put in place set up to precisely treat your water supply, ensuring top quality drinking water for you and your family while protecting the lifespan of your water systems and appliances.


At TQ Electrical Engineering Services we carry a wide range of spares for all makes of treatment systems, UV systems and filter replacements.  We also carry a wide range of media to suit all water treatments.


Waste Water Treatment

TQ Electrical Engineering Services is a trusted provider of efficient and economical waste water treatment plants and systems, servicing a variety of markets including the Domestic, Municipal, Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial sectors.  Waste water management is the same process for all industries; however the complexity and scale of the operations differ.

Domestic waste water treatment ensures that all household sewage is properly treated in the septic tank to make it safe, clean and suitable for percolation back into the ground. As all sites are site specific it is advisable to request a free site visit to ensure the best possible treatment system is provided. Here at TQ Electrical Engineering Services we have partnered with Kingspan Klargester Treament Systems to provide these systems. This gives peace of mind to the customer that they are getting fully certified systems that surpass all current standards. Should you require details on treatment plants or septic tanks please contact the office to discuss any queries you may have.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is a rainwater catchment process that makes our abundant supply of rainwater available for reuse.  It is a sustainable water recycling solution involving the collection, filtration and storage of rainwater to supplement the mains water supply. Treated rainwater conserves your existing water supply by providing an alternative water source suitable for most non-consumable water requirements such as irrigation, toilet flushing and power washing.

Waste Pumps & Air Blowers

In Waste Water Treatment Plants, Air Blowers or Compressors are used to circulate large volumes of air at low pressure, which in turn keeps the necessary bacteria alive, required for the natural break-down of sewage waste within the waste water storage tank. Such bacteria are essential to aid the digestion of organic materials found in the waste.

Service & Maintenance

At TQEES we provide a 24hr, 365 day service.  We can also provide a preventative maintenance schedule for your equipment providing peace of mind that your system is working to its optimum efficiency.  We provide these services for all types of treatment systems and hold a large stock of spares.  For any of these services please contact our office.