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TQ Electrical Engineering are a major supplier of Pumping and Water Treatment Systems within the Industrial Sector. Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians make us the obvious choice for many companies when it comes to choosing a reliable and dedicated supplier of energy efficient Water Pumping & Treatment products and services.

From design to build, installation and commissioning of pumping & treatment equipment systems we provide no-obligation quotations and site visits, where required. We have an impressive client list within this sector and references are available upon request. Our extensive stock of spares and accessories ensures our clients of a prompt solution to any breakdown situation.

Water Pumping Systems

TQ Electrical Engineering Services is a trusted distributor of large scale water pumping systems to Municipal Authorities, along with the Industrial, Commercial and Trade Sectors. We offer our services on many levels including, new installations, contract maintenance and upgrades.

Most municipal water systems are required to pump water from water treatment plants to reservoirs or to boost water in the mains line where low pressure areas exist. Also water is extracted from deep bore holes to supply these water treatment plants.

Our partnership and distribution with Ebara Pumps Europe had allowed us carry out large scale projects ensuring optimum efficiency and quality of our products.

Our successful certification as an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 compliant company guarantees that all our water pumping systems will be consistent with the highest Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety controls.


Borehole Pumps

We offer a full range of borehole pumps designed to extract a water supply from a well. This type of water pump is directly submerged down into the well and draws water up from the depths of the well to ground level. These pumps are used to pump water directly through the distribution pipe network required to serve each property. Our pumps range in size from 3” to 10” with motor sizes from 0.37kw to 220kw.

Booster Pumps

Booster Pumps are designed to boost water pressure and are used for a variety of applications. The most common application is to boost water pressure in distribution mains.

TQ Electrical Engineering Services supplies an extensive range of booster pumps to all sectors of the market. We keep a large stock of both horizontal and vertical multi-stage pumps to ensure a quick, efficient and reliable service in the event of a breakdown.

Well Testing

TQ Electrical offer a complete and comprehensive well testing service. A well test is conducted to evaluate the amount of water that can be pumped from a particular water well. More specifically, a well test will allow prediction of the maximum rate at which water can be pumped from a well, and the distance that the water level in the well will fall for a given pumping rate and duration of pumping.

Properly speaking, the flow rate of a well is usually defined as "the rate, in gallons per minute, that water can be extracted from or pumped out of a well". But a true well flow rate is the rate at which water flows into the well bore also called the well recovery rate. Since that inflow rate ultimately sets the maximum rate at which water can be taken out of the well once any water reservoir in the well bore (the static head plus contents of any water storage tanks) has been consumed, typically for evaluating a newly drilled well, the flow rate is measured over a 24 hour period and is referred to as the well yield.

If you are given a well flow rate that was measured over some shorter interval or worse, over some un-specified interval, you cannot be sure how the well will perform in actual use. For example someone may measure a pseudo-well-flow rate by just measuring the well output at the pump for a few minutes, or at a bathtub spigot or an outdoor hose bib. Because well flow rates for many water wells are not constant but rather may diminish from an initial maximum in gallons per minute to a lower but sustainable flow rate, these short well flow tests can be misleading.

Waste Water Pumping Systems

Waste Water Pumping Systems are designed to pump waste water and sewage from holding tanks to the mains where it will end up in the treatment facility. These pumping stations vary vastly in size depending on the pumping liquid to be pumped and the catchment area. Here at TQ Electrical Engineering Services we stock a vast array of pumps from 40mm to 200mm discharge capable of pumping up to 400m3 per hour. Our design team would be happy to select the most efficient and trouble free pumping system upon request.

Energy Saving

Variable Speed Drives and other instruments help to control the pumping process and minimise excessive water flows. Pumping systems and water treatment plants demand enormous amounts of electricity and consume high levels of energy on an ongoing basis, Pumps, in particular, need to be optimised on a frequent basis to ensure optimisation of water systems and treatment plants. Industries can save money on energy costs, enhance productivity and improve pump efficiency and optimising the industry`s carbon footprint.

As an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, TQ Electrical Engineering Services team of highly qualified technicians are fully equipped to visit your site and perform an energy audit. Based on the audit findings, we can advise you in the design, installation and implementation of a more energy efficient water pumping system.

Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives help regulate water flow by running pumps at varying speeds when necessary, while more efficiently meeting your water supply demands.

TQ Electrical Engineering Services design, install and operate Variable Speed Drives across a number of industries including the Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and Agricultural sectors.

Scada and Telemetry Systems

TQ Electrical Engineering Services can design and build both Scada and Telemetry Systems for multiple sites to allow remote access and control of all aspects of water pumping and treatment systems. As all systems are different should you have a query please contact the office to arrange a free site visit.